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The Natural Bath


The centuries old Bath from Finland, is the body's natural

way to cleanse itself through perspiration.

What makes a Sauna?

The necessary ingredients of a True Sauna are:

A properly insulated room lined with a clear softwood (Cedar, Redwood, Hemlock, Pine, etc.)

A good heater which is capable of heating the room to temperatures of 165 to 195 F; and one which heats the stones directly, to provide a soft, gentle heat and instant steam when water is poured over the stones. This steam is necessary to induce perspiration, cleanse body pores and to create a pleasant climate.

Sauna is the only bath in the world where dry heat and humidity are present at the same time: thus promoting a deep cleansing of the pores. The high heat and the low humidity open the pores and promote profuse perspiration. This perspiration flushes out the body's impurities (even nicotine from a smoker's body).

Benefits —

Soothes and relaxes tired muscles

Helps to relieve mental fatigue, tension and stress

Provides a cardiovascular workout--helps condition heart

Increases metabolic rate and improves circulation

Helps to relieve arthritic pain

Promotes healing and releases two natural pain killers, Beta-Endorphins and Norepinephrines

Increases resistance to illness & keeps illnesses from worsening

Burns as many as 300 calories during a normal Sauna session--equal to running 2-3 miles

Helps maintain clear, healthy skin--and provides an after glow of a rosy complexion

Helps in healing skin ailments such as psoriasis and acne

Relieves allergies and sinus congestion

Aids in relief of Lupus Disease & helps patients with kidney problems

Reduces pain from sunburn

Aids insomniacs by promoting a deep sleep

Sweats out body toxins and poisons—used in drug rehabilitation and detoxification programs

Aids in weight loss when combined with a healthy diet and exercise

Beneficial for post workout relaxation

Smoothes skin, softens hair with the use of baby oil and hair conditioner when used in the Sauna

Promotes a wonderful feeling of well being

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